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Thinkpad e495 and Manjaro Gnu/Linux, solutions for "out-of-the-box Problems"

Manjaro is great. It's know as an out-of-the-box Operating System for beginners and professionals. But if there are problems with your hardware or somethings wrong with the configuration or detection it can be very frustrating, especially for beginners. I have got a new Thinkpad e 495 - and it works mostly out of the box. But there are a few errors which do not work. In the following i will share my experiences and suggest some solutions and/or workarounds

Problem: boot error: unable to activate acpi-backlight error

solution: boot parameters

edit your bootparameters /etc/default/grub add the following parameters: acpi_backlight=native
at the end of the line: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= don't forget to sudo update-grub

you also can test it at start up in grub, choose advanced grub options, then type "e" for edit parameters, and then you have to change the line above and after that boot with ctrl+x

Problem: suspend mode does not work correctly. thinkpad will not wake up after suspend mode

in gnome desktop environment everything works fine. I think the reason is, because Gnome runs (in default mode) under wayland. And X11 crashes frequently after suspend mod. if you are using kde and not gnome, your thinkpad will crash after suspend mode you can test your suspend mode if you close the lid or with this command: systemctl suspend

workaround 1

just select in KDE "hybrid-sleep" in the configuration. It will use the hybrid mode. Your Thinkpad will take longer to fall asleep (~30-60 sec), but normally it will wake up correctly

you can test it: systemctl hybrid-sleep

workaround 2

the thinkpad will not freeze with wayland, so you can give wayland a try: install wayland instead of x11:

sudo pacman -S plasma-wayland-session
logout and Plasma wayland shoud appear in your desktopmanage.r install sddm if Plasma Wayland is not shown in gdm3
sudo pacman -S sddm sudo systemctl enable sddm.service --force

unsolved problems:

in cinnamon the trackpoint cursor is much to fast (works fine in gnome, kde, xfce)

Apart of that I did not find any errors and the thinkpad works quite well. If you have better solutions, please let me know. There were not much ressources in the web and it take a bit time to find solutions. So I hope, if you have got an Thinkpad, too, it works for you.